Seven reasons to choose WorkwithSchools

Every organisation flies or fails on the quality of its staff. But this truth is multiplied many times over when applied to a school or a college.  We all remember that special teacher who made the difference and each head teacher or school business manager is constantly looking to recruit him or her.  The challenge is – how do you find skilled, reliable and inspirational supply teachers and teaching assistants when you are wrapped up in the unceasing demands of educational life?

Happily there is a simple answer. Leave it to us.

With more than 50 years’ experience in finding and placing teachers, WorkwithSchools is your specialist supply teacher agency, recruiting people for temporary and permanent positions, on a full-time, part-time or ad-hoc basis.

We manage the whole process – from interviews and vetting for all staff, to handling payroll and pensions for supply teachers on ad-hoc, short and long term bookings.

We can do the quick fix – we’re very good in a staffing crisis, but equally in the long term can help find inspirational teachers for permanent roles meeting your school needs.

1. We are here for the long-term

Our business philosophy is founded on creating long-term partnerships with both our clients and the staff we recruit.

For us, that is the only way we can guarantee the high standards we are known for.

Perhaps the most visible commitment to this approach is our investment in a state-of-the-art payroll system. It ensures we make punctual and accurate payments to temporary school staff, regardless of the complexity of their working arrangements.

And it also offers supply teachers and others welcome reassurance that they will always enjoy fair and transparent treatment, in contrast to the questionable practices of some other agencies, such as those that use umbrella companies.

2. We’ve got it covered

WorkwithSchools takes the pressure off.

When it comes to recruiting supply teachers, teaching assistants or any other school related role, we do it all for you. Find the right people – whether temporary, contracted or permanent – check their credentials, pay them on time, handle their tax and pension commitments. It’s all part of the service.

That leaves you free to concentrate on driving your school forward.

3. Your personal recruitment team

In a world of faceless call centres and untraceable online operators, WorkwithSchools is run by real people offering a personal service.

We pride ourselves on being approachable, friendly, professional and honest. We carefully check each candidate’s teaching experience and will only match candidates with the appropriate class cohorts.

This is why so many schools and colleges now consider WorkwithSchools their off-site recruitment team.

4. Bespoke solutions

Finding the right supply teachers and support staff is as crucial as it is challenging. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

We work with every kind of school and college, large and small, catering for students aged from 3 to 19. Each one requires a distinct recruitment strategy, which we constantly refine to reflect changing requirements and circumstances.

Talk to us about your recruitment needs and we can get that same meticulous approach working for you.

5. Highly rated

At WorkwithSchools we regularly seek feedback on our levels of performance from both school clients and staff. And we are happy to report that we achieve consistently high scores from both groups.

School clients rate our professionalism, openness and consistency. Staff love the combination of opportunities and security we offer, and our commitment to employees’ rights.

We have included a handful of our testimonials throughout this website. If you want to see more, just ask.

6. Education leaders

Now the first choice of employers across a wide-range of educational sectors, WorkwithSchools is an established leader in the industry. As one client said, “The quality of your supply and permanent teachers is far superior and you know exactly who we want.”

7. An ethical agency

We like to do things right. That’s why we don’t use third-party umbrella companies.

We believe that supply teachers are put at risk of being exploited by agencies who outsource payroll and other services to umbrella companies.

Under such an arrangement, teachers are compelled to:

  • Pay fees for each payroll run – a service provided free by WorkwithSchools
  • Pay national employer National Insurance contributions – we pay those contributions
  • And their holiday pay is often set a minimum wage – we pay holiday pay at the full average hourly rate.

We treat our supply teachers in a transparent and ethical way.