WorkwithSchools supply teachers enjoying FREE CPD sessions - Inspiring Creative writers

Our FREE CPD (Continuing Professional Development) sessions are continuing to receive some fantastic feedback from our supply teachers.

One of the latest sessions focussed on Inspiring Writing in the Primary Classroom. Our trainer and course leader, led the session discussing and using a range of practical literacy ideas to engage and inspire children’s development in talk and writing, once again, all in the context of supply teaching.  Take a look at what our teachers are saying about the course:

“I thought the course was presented excellently and very well-resourced. There was just the right amount of input and interactive talking with colleagues and Catherine, the course leader. It was lively and pacy so that you kept listening and were engaged with the theme throughout. I took a lot from the course in terms of inspiring children to think and talk about great ideas for writing stories and will aim to incorporate the ideas into lessons that I teach”.

“It was lively, interactive and practical. The ideas are easy to plan and I love the opportunity to use talk and drama  just my scene. I used to be a Llteracy Advisor.   As a supply teacher I am often just asked to follow teacher’ s planning. However if the opportunity arose to do “your own thing “. I would certainly use the ideas.  Good for a one-off or to develop over several days”

“The Writing session was wonderful and really thought-provoking. It is good to know that creativity is still a valuable resource and Catherine really captured the essence of how children learn and develop through this kind of experiential exploration. It is a practical fact that often supply work is specified (‘Grammar Hammer’ being a particular gem) but whenever not, such creative ideas are lovely to use. And it was a reminder for me that I have used such similar ideas in the past. Reassuring stuff! “

WorkwithSchools supply teachers enjoying FREE CPD course "Inspiring Creative Writing"

All of the our sessions have been developed with a specific focus on supply teachers and will provide our candidates with the opportunity to meet fellow supply colleagues while learning something extremely valuable.

On 27th November 2018 we are delivering computer science, something many supply teachers find daunting, which will be looking at computation thinking, algorithms, Scratch and accessing free resources.

To be eligible for our CPD sessions you need to be a supply teacher registered with WorkwithSchools.  For more info and to enquire about spaces on any of our courses or to suggest other training areas please get in touch on 01904 554195.

COMING UP later in the academic year are Maths Mastery, Provision Areas in EYFS and Supporting SEN learners.  Watch this space…..!